The end of law is not to abolish or restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom....
For liberty is to be free from restraint and violence from others, which cannot be where there is no law.
-John Locke

But laws which sanction restraint and violence against peaceful peoples pervert their moral purpose.
-Raymond Hewitt

Government is not reason, it is not eloquence--it is force.
-George Washington

Religion is not reason; it is fear mongering embellished in eloquence.
-Raymond Hewitt

There is a cancer, called evil, that haunts all of human society to this day. It's not caused by some superstitious supernatural power called Satan. It's caused by a perverted class of moralists who desire power and glory by fraudulent and coercive means. Both the Church and State qualify as the epitome of this authoritarian mold. As much as they would like you to believe otherwise, they have no power of their own; it derives from the consent and the surrender of its subjects. They both conduct themselves according to the same political philosophy.

The dominate political theory holds that the interests of the individual and society (or the State and the Church) are fundamentally opposed; and that the individual has to be led to cooperate by Draconian compulsion. The political and the religious class believe that by virtue of their superior level of intelligence, education and wisdom, they have the ability to steer society into the best courses of action. While the individual, when acting according to his personal interests, sometimes acts in ways harmful to society in which he can't see or may not care. To achieve this so-called orderly society, the State typically threatens with physical punishment and the Church with divine punishment.

State law concerns itself with your actions. If it conducted itself as a defensive institution it would be living up to its billing to protect its citizens from street crime and foreign invaders. Unfortunately the State has invaded almost every area of business activity and far too many areas of personal activity. In the U.S., the average wage earner has to work almost six months a year to pay taxes. Roughly half of the arrests and court cases in the U.S. each year involve consensual crimes-actions that are against the law, but directly harm no one's person or property. It's been well documented that citizens suffer more harm from their own government than they do from other citizens and foreign powers combined. The point here is that the State has become a dangerous organization for the simple reason that good people cooperate with the system too readily.

Religious authority plays with your mind. It assumes that social cohesion cannot happen unless everybody thinks alike; it treats heretical thought as a crime. The enforcer in this case is a fictional supreme ruler over all mankind, called God. Now if this idea of a omnipotent God had any merit, everyone would be thinking alike and there would have been no need for the Church. I remind readers, that when the Church was at the height of its temporal power, it punished heretical thought with intense zeal. To go further, when we track religious influence over the centuries, we will notice that it has declined as human conditions have improved. The Church may think it is providing moral leadership, but it's dogma virtually outlaws the human body.

You, dear reader, as an individual are at the bottom of this pecking order. Like the overwhelming majority you are not inclined to lie, threaten, steal or murder to get what you want. Instead you try the best you can to get along with whomever you come in contact with. Yet you are being systematically robbed and plundered by the State, in the name of protecting you from thieves and plunderers. If you do something harmful to yourself, the State will do you one better by harming you even more. The Church attacks you from a different angle. For merely not thinking their way, you are told you risk eternal torment in hell. We can only guess how many people, on their deathbed, went to their graves in fear of perdition. You don't have to subject yourself to this nonsense.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no such thing as an all knowing authority, either here on earth or out there in supernatural la-la land. In the real world, such knowledge is impossible to obtain; everybody is different. About the only types of behavior you will find near unanimity as immoral, are acts considered fraudulent, threatening, coercive and murderous. But what we can see, if we will look, are two primary forms of social organization-the Church and the State-acting according to the means they pretend to prevent.

The giveaway to the menace of authoritarian rule lies in its necessity to bring about its particular brand of social conformity by enforcement. In the real world, it can't be done by coercive means or any other means. Every empire in written history, including the Church, has failed. Typically their life cycle runs out when they lose popular support. You can't lie yourself to a higher truth; and you can't beat up on people in the name of making them act morally. It's the cause of their eventual undoing.

If religion offered something of worthwhile value, it would have grown in stature over the years. Instead, it hasn't changed since the Dark ages because it's trapped in a world of words that can't find their way into the real world. It tells us that some all powerful supernatural creature made a perfect world for humankind until the Devil came and screwed it up. As a result, it's the job of the Church to help God fix what he can't fix himself. This is just too ridicules.

Make no mistake about it. The voices you hear are not from God. They are from mortals like yourself. They are types who either have an overpowering emotional need to dominate others or who are one notch short of insane. You will find them the highest concentration of them in government and in religious organizations. What they all have in common is that they place themselves above all others because they think they know what is best for everybody else. It's the highest form of conceit and the root of social evil.

Religion's bugbear has been science; the State remains threatened by the market economy. The two, acting in unison, have tried to slow them down, control them and discredit them since the days of their inception. There is a point of view that needs to be stressed here. Despite all the propaganda nonsense about the will of God, or the will of society or the will of the majority, there are no such entities in the real world. Authoritarian institutions get their power by popular consent. When they cease to be popular, they lose their authority. History bears this out.

Which brings me to explaining my motives for taking on this project. By far, the most threatening menace to society is the State, with the Church close behind. I believe that a large segment of society who support State authority, do so because they were conditioned at an early age to accept Church authority. Religion has been in decline for the last few hundred years; the State, as it presently functions, has yet to run its course. If I can help to hasten their demise in any way, I consider it time well spent.